The National Association of Goldsmiths has long been at the forefront of jewellery trade education.

The Association’s world-renowned educational programmes provide recognised courses and qualifications for members of the retail jewellery industry, from trainees up to proprietors and senior staff.

Termed JET – short for Jewellery Education and Training – these courses cover a range of topics from basic product and selling-skills knowledge through to Management and Valuation expertise.

After successfully completing the training, many of our students were able to successfully open their own jewelry stores. Here are some of them:

Each product is unique and made by professionals in their field. When craftsmen make jewelry, they strive to delight their customers. The knowledge that the masters have received from us helps to make various jewelry from classic products to the most complex styles, paying attention to every detail.

The importance of education cannot be over-estimated. Surveys have shown that those members of the sales team with recognised trade qualifications have higher self esteem and better sales records. It is indisputable that a more educated management and sales team leads to more sales and higher profits.

An informed sales-staff also inspires customer confidence and helps to prevent misunderstandings and complaints.

The N.A.G. series of JET home-study courses include:

  • Professional Jewellers’ Diploma (JET 1 & 2)
  • Business Diploma (JET Pro)

The N.A.G. also offer a wide range of Seminars:

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Other Education-related information and Downloads:

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